Mobility for disabled
A new dimension of mobility
Space Drive
Adaptive mobility equipment
PARAVAN Space Drive
for independent mobility.
Handicapped driver equipment
Adaptive mobility equipment
Driving control systems to fit each driver
Tailored to your individual needs
Handicap vehicles
with digital driving aids
individually adapted.
Paravan Kundin Denise fährt nun wieder in ihrem umgebauten Auto
Digital driving and steering system
My car? A Tesla Model 3 with Space Drive.
Moritz, 19 years
Our solution
PARAVAN Space Drive
makes it possible
Space Drive Driving School Vehicle
New PARAVAN Chevrolet Traverse
with Space Drive driving aids
Our new Space Drive Traverse
for driving assessments
available now for evaluators.

High-tech digital steering and driving aids

It is our aim that everyone can drive a car regardless of their disability. PARAVAN Space Drive is a drive-by-wire system that was developed to help people with severe physical limitations achieve their mobility dreams.

Paravan Kundin Denise

Without a car? Absolutely no way! I am totally relaxed. If I want to go somewhere, then I`ll drive there. It is great not having to rely on others all the time.

Denise, 25
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Paravan Kunde Moritz

I can drive with almost any car. But thanks to the driver assistance systems I can drive for much longer without feeling exhausted.

Moritz, 19
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Paravan Kundin Anita

When I´m ready, I can get into my car and drive to work and training courses on my own. I feel secure and am totally happy with the new car. Without your great support, this would not have happened so quickly. Thank you so much!

Anita, 29
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Our aim? Driving and steering aids to ensure safe, unlimited mobility regardless of your disability

Make your dream of independent mobility come true with a wheelchair-accessible vehicle conversion and a PARAVAN digital driving and steering system for people with disabilities.

The dream of achieving greater mobility is a dream shared by many people who need to use a wheelchair. And for many such people, the freedom to drive alone in a car from A to B remains just that – a dream. But this dream can come true – with a vehicle conversion modified to meet the needs of people with various disabilities. Our innovative Space Drive technology ensures you can drive safely even if you suffer from a severe disability.

Fail-safe assistive driving equipment 

It is our aim that everyone can drive a car regardless of their disability. PARAVAN Space Drive is a cutting-edge technology that was developed to help people with severe physical limitations achieve their mobility goals. Our fail-safe technology enables driving with a joystick and minimal physical effort. To operate secondary vehicle functions, we offer PARAVAN Touch and Voice Control systems. So that our customers can do what so many people take for granted: drive to work, meet friends, go shopping or simply take a trip in the car.

Please get in touch with us, if you want to find out more about mobility equipment and advanced PARAVAN drive-by-wire vehicle adaptations for people with disabilities.

Paravan Gründer und Ideenfinder Roland Arnold
Einblicke in die Werkstatt von Paravan
Paravan Space Drive Blick in die Fahrerkabine

Here unrivalled solutions and vehicles are made. So that people with disabilities can regain their independence.

Roland Arnold, Owner & Managing Director PARAVAN
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ADED Membership

PARAVAN is a proud member of ADED – The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists, supporting professionals working in the field of driver evaluation and vehicle modifications for persons with disabilities through education and information dissemination.