Drive-by-Wire System
PARAVAN drive-by-wire
Driving a car without a steering wheel or pedals


Digital high-tech driving and steering system for the mobility of tomorrow

The PARAVAN Space Drive drive-by-wire system is a perfectly coordinated digital driving and steering system (hardware and software) that includes a revolutionary new safety concept. The system is individually adaptable to an extremely wide range of safety-related applications in the automotive sector, in agricultural technology, construction machine technology, municipal vehicles, special-purpose vehicles and the defence industry – and it also forms a separate branch in the disability-friendly mobility sector, from which it originated.

Drive-by-Wire Headmodul von Paravan
Paravan Drive-by-Wire mit Rennwagen
Steer-by-Wire mit Joystick
Futuristisches Cockpit mit Paravan Drive-by-Wire
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Ausfallsichere Drive-by-Wire Technologie


Space Drive is a triple-redundant (fail-safe) system that meets the most stringent requirements as defined in the ISO 26262 safety standard (ASIL D) and which is also manufactured in line with the highest safety standard (IPC A 600).

 Drive-by-Wire Technologie und Kommunikation


The drive-by-wire system can be linked to various driver-assistance, lidar and radar systems using CAN, LIN and FlexRay interfaces. Individually programmable.

Drive-by-Wire Systemkomponenten


The Space Drive system is a modular system that can be retrofitted as a steer-by-wire or drive-by-wire solution.

Drive-by-Wire eingebaut in verschiedensten Fahrzeugen


The PARAVAN drive-by-wire system can be installed in virtually all types of vehicles, including everything from agricultural vehicles to construction vehicles and prototypes. The system has been approved for use in all international vehicle classes.

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A technology that can be used in many ways

An adaptive system that can be installed or retrofitted in production vehicles, prototypes, experimental vehicles, agricultural vehicles and unmanned ground vehicles. The application areas are wide-ranging:

  • Vehicles modified for people with disabilities
  • General automotive applications
  • Off-highway applications
  • Special-purpose and customised vehicles
  • Driverless test systems and autonomous “hare vehicles”
  • Industrial applications
Drive-by-Wire Einsatzmöglichkeiten
The most important facts about the system
  • Active redundancy: motors with multiple safety features and full power, even if a control circuit fails
  • Failure memory in several components (recording of relevant events)
  • Sufficient pedal travel and power for all vehicles, even if the control circuit in the vehicle fails
  • Permanent status querying for components
  • Speed-dependent steering enables driving with a natural steering feel at high speeds.
  • Better braking at low speeds thanks to automatic adjustment to pedal travel and pedal power
  • Parameters may be set (adjusted) via PC and touch panel to suit each customer and their needs (in online mode).
  • One-click support via our innovative diagnostic tool with its completely new design
  • Optimum, flexible design suitable for all types of vehicles
  • Thousands of systems on the road worldwide since 2001
  • Approved for road use (tested in accordance with ECE-R-79 and ECE-R13 and by TÜV).
  • Functional safety is ISO 26262 and ASIL D-certified
  • Manufactured in accordance with IPC-A-600 class 3, which is the highest quality standard worldwide for such systems
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PARAVAN Space Drive – the modern drive-by-wire system

Various applications, fail-safe and approved for road use.

The Space Drive operating system is a three-stage multi-redundant motor-driver and control system for all common electric motors (60 A/DC 12–24 V) in applications with the highest safety requirements. Depending on the field of application and customer requirements, the system can be supplied in subcomponents and specially coordinated software modules. Space Drive technology meets the most stringent requirements as defined in the ISO 26262 safety standard (ASIL D) and is also manufactured in line with the highest safety standard (IPC A 600). The system is also road-approved for international vehicle types M1, M2, M3, N1, N2 and N3.

Drive-by-Wire Technologie im Cockpit
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