Innovation leader for highly customised vehicle solutions for people with disabilities

PARAVAN´s mission is to offer mobility and a more fulfilling and enjoyable life to people with physical handicaps. We work with passion to continuously develop personalized mobility solutions for every type of disability.

Our fail-safe Space Drive driving and steering system is already regarded as a milestone in automotive development: it is the first drive-by-wire technology approved for road use and in accordance with the highest safety standards. This unique system, the only one of its kind in the world, allows people to drive a vehicle safely who previously had no chance of doing so. PARAVAN offers unique and individual input devices for the primary functions such as braking, steering and accelerating. Whether it is a joystick, mini steering wheel or gas/brake lever, we have the right solution for every type of disability. With the Touch system and Voice control technology, PARAVAN offers user-friendly options for controlling up to 100 secondary vehicle functions such as the indicators, temperature, cassette lift, windscreen wipers and more.

PARAVAN has been active on the US market since 2014 and is now represented in twelve US states: amongst others in California, Ohio, Arizona, Nevada, New York, Georgia, Florida, Virginia and in Massachusetts.

US-based pre- and aftersales support through Moto Technologies

To offer the best possible pre-and aftersales support for our rapidly growing Space Drive customer base in the United States, PARAVAN has selected Moto Technologies LLC located in Miami, Florida, as our national Sales & Service Center. The new partner has extensive know-how and the corresponding technical competence in the field of mobility adaptation as well as outstanding expertise with regard to Space Drive vehicle adaptations for people with disabilities. Since the beginning of 2020, Moto Technologies is responsible for sales, product distribution, technical support and training for new dealers as well as local installations for the US market. 

We look forward to a strengthened presence stateside and outstanding customer support in local, US time zones with Moto Technologies!

PARAVAN Headquarters Germany
PARAVAN vehicle fleet Germany
Driving with Space Drive adapted vehicle

Here unrivalled solutions and vehicles are made. So that people with disabilities can regain their independence.

Roland Arnold, Owner & Managing Director PARAVAN