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Our mission: To offer mobility and a more independent life to people with disabilities

For more than 20 years, our mission has been to offer mobility and a more fulfilling and enjoyable life to people with disabilities. We are driven by our passion to continuously develop new solutions, and by the positive feedback we receive from our customers, all in line with our motto of “Nothing is impossible.” Today, PARAVAN is a modern research and development company with more than 180 employees and partners in many countries. The heart and soul of our company continues to reside in peaceful and tranquil Aichelau. Customers from all over Germany, and all over the world, visit our large mobility centre in the Swabian Alps, where they receive a warm and friendly welcome and outstanding all-round service. This is where you’ll get exactly the help you need – from advice and driver training to technical service, all from a single source. We develop fully customised mobile solutions for every disability – and adapt these solutions to changes in your medical condition when necessary. Come visit us and let’s work together to create your own personal path to mobility and freedom. We’ll be happy to help you!

PARAVAN Advice & Service
PARAVAN offers mobility advice and information for people with physical disabilities.