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We develop systems and technologies that ensure mobility now and in the future

For a long time, principal vehicle functions – acceleration, braking and steering – have barely changed in mechanical terms. To date, they continue to dominate the “look and feel” of vehicle interiors and the way driving is perceived. We are in the process of changing that. Space Drive is “real and ready” for highly automated and fully automated driving via drive-by-wire technology and is offering new levels of mobility to thousands of people whose mobility is restricted. With our PARAVAN Touch and PARAVAN Voice Control systems, we are also offering you new possibilities for operating secondary vehicle systems. We love to invent things – the continuous development of new innovations is part of our DNA. The following sections offer you a glimpse into our world of technology.

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Paravan Touch Display
Innovative Technologien und Entwicklingen Paravan Rollstühle Elektrorollstühle
Highlights at a glance
Futuristisches Cockpit Paravan Technologien als Grundlage dafür

Billions of miles "on the road"

Every day, more than 8,500 people take to the road with our systems around the globe. The Space Drive drive-by-wire system was developed to enable mobility for the most severely disabled and for people with multiple disabilities. It’s also become one of the core technologies for future automated driving systems.

Paravan Zusammenarbeit mit Daimler an eSmart

Industry projects

Together with the automotive industry, we are using the Space Drive technology to create numerous experimental vehicles, show cars and prototypes for the automated driving of the future. We are actively shaping the future of mobility.

Hand holding smartphone with PARAVAN Touch App

Shades of James Bond

In a legendary James Bond film, a vehicle is operated from the rear seat using a smartphone. We thought: Hey, we can do that too! Indeed, our intelligent PARAVAN Touch app can also be used to operate a vehicle remotely.

Paravan Technologie Paravan Touch Display

Command center

Our PARAVAN Gateway technology can be used to control as many as 100 secondary vehicle systems. Everything is operated using our Touch system or Voice Control system.

Together into the future - with PARAVAN technology
The conversion specialist for mobility solutions for people with disabilities
  • Disability-friendly vehicle manufacturing
  • Innovative power wheelchairs
  • Lifting and loading systems
  • Wheelchair securement systems
  • Customised vehicle construction
  • High-comfort seat solution
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Our joint venture for the mobility of tomorrow
  • Further development of drive-by-wire technology
  • Implementation of driving assistance systems
  • Secondary systems
  • The future of mobility with automated driving
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PARAVAN GmbH – innovative technologies for the future of mobility

Our revolutionary solutions in automotive technology get the world moving

We are developing the driving and steering systems of tomorrow for the automotive industry. In the area of mobility for people with disabilities, we develop highly complex conversion solutions and cutting-edge power wheelchairs. We also develop key technologies such as Space Drive that make driving easier and safer. From software to electronics and mechanical engineering – everything comes from a single source. We are an innovative high-tech company that stands out through German craftsmanship, Swabian attention to detail and international success.

Ultra-modern and highly flexible

Our engineering product range is held in high regard within the industry and enables us to offer fast, tailor-made technological solutions without recourse to third parties. Our equipment includes the latest laser-cutting systems, CNC milling units, 8-sensor wheel alignment (4-wheel measurement), a vast range of special machinery and our own paint shop. This enables us to produce kits for converting vehicles and producing prototypes and small batches fast, cost-effectively and without recourse to third parties.

Pioneers for the cars of tomorrow

Our software, hardware and mechanical engineers incorporate customer requirements directly into our products. Bringing development, manufacturing and customers together under a single roof is one of the primary factors in our success.

Die Paravan Drive-by-Wire Technologie
Paravan Technologie eingebaut in Rennwagen R8
Paravan Technologie Touch Steuern über App
Futuristische Fahrerkabine

I am incredibly proud of my team. It is impressive what we have achieved here in Aichelau!

Roland Arnold, Owner & Managing Director