Unique driving solutions

A mobility solution for every need

The PARAVAN success story began with a good portion of idealism – and with Roland Arnold in a remote village in Southern Germany: One day, the trained car mechanic decided he wanted to do something that would make it possible for disabled people to enjoy mobility and achieve a better quality of life. Arnold started out by developing technical and electronic driving aids for people with a disability at his workshop, and in 2003 he registered his first patents. He then established PARAVAN GmbH two years later. The company soon advanced to become a highly modern research and development organisation, which then continued to develop successfully at breath-taking speed.

World market leader for perfectly tailored digital driving and steering solutions

PARAVAN is specialised in highly customised vehicle adaptations for people with a disability. Our unique digital steering and braking system Space Drive is the ideal solution for those drivers with progressive illnesses, for wheelchair users with paraplegia, leg or arm amputations or very limited mobility. Together with our US-based distributors, we will modify your vehicle precisely to your condition and needs – like a custom-made suit. In addition, our innovative Space Drive technology for driving and steering a vehicle ensures you can drive safely and enjoy your independence.

Chrysler Pacifica with Space Drive
Handicap accessible VW T6

How to regain independence with Space Drive

Driving a vehicle is a piece of quality of life. It enables everyone to reach their desired destinations at any time, independently of others. But what about people who are unable to operate a vehicle due to physical limitations? They often feel left out because they always have to rely on the help of others if they want to be mobile. But that doesn't have to be the case, because with Space Drive, uncompromised mobility is once again possible, so that the dream of independence can come true.

Even people with severe physical handicaps can drive again 

The Space Drive digital driving and steering system is unique in the world. It is associated with great hope for people with severe disabilities, because it opens up a new dimension of driving despite having a disability. Even with paralysis, low residual strength or minimal movement abilities, driving a car is possible again. Even for people who have no arms or legs, there is an individual solution with the Space Drive system, which uses drive-by-wire technology to allow safe driving control.

The Space Drive system was developed by Paravan GmbH and offers a high level of safety and performance. Drivers can comfortably and intuitively steer their vehicles and operate the steering as well as the accelerator and brake safely and precisely, as the driving aids are controlled by microprocessors. This control system is considered revolutionary and has a sophisticated and detailed safety concept that supports the driver at all times.

Different driver input devices are available to ensure that operation is ideal for every type of disability. Space Drive can also be deactivated so that the vehicle can be operated normally in just a few steps. 

People with physical disabilities can speak to a driver rehabilitation specialist for a driver evaluation, to see if they are able to operate a car again. Sometimes small vehicle modifications (such as installing hand controls) or other adaptive devices can be the solution. The Space Drive digital driving aids can be installed by approved Mobility Equipment Dealers accross the US.