Paravan mobility solutions

We put your dreams on the road

Every wheelchair user has a dream – the dream of being able to travel from A to B as independently as possible. Company founder Roland Arnold set himself the goal of making this dream come true. One thing was clear to him from the very beginning: PARAVAN would not simply sell well-functioning wheelchairs and vehicle conversions for people with disabilities. Instead, the idea was for us to also embark upon a journey with our customers – with numerous and extensive discussions and tests that would enable us to get to know one another and exchange ideas. After all, we knew that only by being aware of all the requirements and wishes of our customers, and the obstacles they face, would we be able to develop perfect customised mobility solutions. And although the dream has in fact come true, our journey is by no means over. That’s because we don’t just want you to be mobile; we also want you to remain mobile for as long as possible.

Paravan Geschäftsführer und Schwäbischer Tüftler Roland Arnold