Space Drive technology for greater mobility

Our digital-electronic driving and steering system, Space Drive, is unrivalled worldwide – the software and hardware were all developed in Southern Germany, the system is triple redundant and meets the highest safety standards. Thanks to Space Drive, even people with low residual strength, partial paralysis, minimum movement capabilities, or very severe or multiple disabilities can finally become mobile again.

Drive-by-wire means that microprocessor-controlled driving aids send signals in milliseconds to servo motors for the brakes, fuel supply and steering. Another revolutionary aspect of the system is that it is adapted to suit our customers exactly. With the touch system and voice control system, PARAVAN offers efficient and user-friendly options for controlling up to 100 secondary vehicle functions such as the indicators, cassette lift and windscreen wipers. A specially developed app means that important functions such as opening the door or operating the lift can be controlled from outside the vehicle using a smartphone or tablet – so this is a single system for all the secondary functions that is simple to handle for people with all kinds of disabilities. 

Steer-by-Wire mit Joystick
Paravan Technologie Touch Steuern über App
Paravan innovative Technologien Paravan Touch Display
Paravan Technlogie futuristisches Fahren