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Drive-by-wire technology
Regain your independence with Space Drive

The PARAVAN Space Drive system

Driving control systems for handicapped drivers

Were you forced to give up driving due to a severe physical limitation or disability? Space Drive can make your dream of becoming mobile again come true. Space Drive is a system that is unrivalled anywhere in the world – a real breakthrough. It allows you to drive a car if you have a disability – even with low residual strength, paralysis and minimum movement capabilities, and even if you have no limbs. With Space Drive, you control the brake, accelerator, and steering safely and with absolute precision using individual input devices ranging from a gas/brake lever to steering by joystick.

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Space Drive System mit Rollstuhlfahrer
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Space Drive is a triple redundant (fail-safe) digital driving and steering system with a unique safety architecture. The system is approved for road use and is manufactured in line with the highest quality standards.

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Everything under control

Space Drive comes with various types of input devices that ensure perfect operation with sophisticated acceleration, brake and steering controls.

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Turn it off

The Space Drive system can be fully deactivated if necessary. A few manual adjustments are all it takes to be able to operate the vehicle conventionally with the steering wheel and the acceleration and brake pedals – which means you can relax and let someone else do the driving if you want.

Space Drive Eingabegerät Check Control


The PARAVAN Space Drive system allows for various parameters to be configured, which means it can be adjusted precisely in line with your specific needs.

Your benefits
Available vehicle platforms
  • Chevrolet Traverse 2021
  • Chrysler Pacifica 2020
  • Toyota Sienna 2020
  • Dodge Grand Caravan 2020
  • Chevrolet Silverado 2020
  • Honda Odyssey 2017
  • Mercedes Sprinter 2020
Chevy Traverse wheelchair accessible conversion
No compromises with safety!
  • Patented, road-legal technology
  • Uncompromising quality and safety
  • System can be completely deactivated – i.e. assistants can also operate the vehicle “normally” with the steering wheel and the acceleration and brake pedals
  • Precise and easy operation – a totally new driving experience
  • All components are manufactured in accordance with the highest automotive industry standard
  • Over the last 15 years, more than 1 billion kilometres were driven with our Space Drive drive-by-wire system
  • Perfect individual adaptation, even in the case of progressive changes to medical conditions
  • Multiple redundant safety with two safety systems running in parallel. Full engine power if the control circuit fails
  • Exact computer configuration of parameters
  • Safe speed-dependent steering – even at high speeds
  • Ergonomically relaxed driving
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The Paravan Space Drive system – mobility for people with disabilities

You always drive safely with the joystick-controlled Space Drive system from Paravan. 

Signals from the input devices are transmitted digitally in milliseconds to a servo motor that controls acceleration and braking, and to an additional servo motor for the steering system (drive-by-wire / steer-by-wire). We configure each module separately in accordance with the specific medical condition in question. The entire system is multi-redundant (triple redundancy), which means that three control circuits that are completely independent of one another constantly operate in parallel and also monitor each other, ensuring absolutely fail-safe operation. Powerful processors and newly developed servo motors guarantee easy and highly precise handling of the vehicle. If your medical condition changes, we adapt the hardware and software components for you accordingly.

Paravan Space Drive technology meets the most stringent requirements as defined in the ISO 26262 safety standard (ASIL D) and is also approved for road use in accordance with ECE-R-10, ECE-R-13 and ECE-R-79. In addition, our drive-by-wire control units are manufactured in accordance with IPC-A-600 class 3, which is the highest quality standard worldwide for such equipment.

It goes without saying that our entire company and all of its business processes are also certified in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 quality-management standard.


Kundin beim Fahren mit Space Drive
Paravan Kundin Anita

When I´m ready, I can get into my car and drive to work and training courses on my own. I feel secure and am totally happy with the new car. Without your great support, this would not have happened so quickly. Thank you so much!

Anita, 29