Input devices & car modification for handicapped drivers

Simple and ergonomic operation of acceleration, braking and steering

How does your car know what to do? Our high-quality input devices make operating your vehicle child’s play, no matter what type of physical limitation you’re affected by. Even the best input device will only work effectively if it’s easy for you to operate. Your driver rehabilitation specialist (DRS) will work with you to explore and evaluate which input device is most suitable for your specific needs. That’s why we’ve developed various types of fittings – and it goes without saying that we will modify your vehicle completely in line with your requirements and wishes. 

Space Drive Eingabegerät Dreizack
Man driving with drive-by-wire system for disabled drivers
Different Space Drive input devices from joystick to mini steering wheel

Space Drive joystick

The Space Drive joystick is a dynamic and flexible two or four-directional control unit that can be mechanically adjusted for flexible variation. The sensitivity level of the joystick can be configured with a computer, ensuring the device is perfectly aligned with your needs. If you wish, we can integrate our Gear Control feature into the joystick to make it easier for you to select gears.

  • Dual-function and safe to use
  • For two or four-directional control
  • Mechanically adjustable for dynamic and flexible variation
  • Digital parameter settings via PC.
  • Fittings: Stick (optionally with beeper), ball
Paravan Drive-by-Wire System Space Drive Joystick

Space Drive mini steering wheel

At just 15 cm, a handy alternative to a standard steering wheel. It can be adjusted in line with the user’s residual strength and is also completely reliable.

  • A small (15 cm) alternative to a standard steering wheel
  • Electronic (digitally) controlled
  • Adjustable and reliable
  • Fittings: Tri-pin, fork, knobs (available in four sizes)
Paravan Drive-by-Wire System Space Drive Minilenkrad

Space Drive acceleration/brake lever

A digital lever with controllable power and direction; lightning-quick acceleration and braking responsiveness.

  • Suitable for use by quadriplegics
  • Precisely adjustable
  • Digital ‘slider’ for acceleration and braking
  • Fittings: Tri-pin, fork, L-slider (optionally with beeper)
Paravan Drive-by-Wire System Space Drive Eingabegerät Gas Brems Hebel

Space Drive rotational steering device

Ergonomic wrist control system: It it is possible to set the reset force easily and mechanically without replacing the spring. The device features a precision guide rail and its angle of rotation can be adjusted downwards.

  • Digital steering using the wrist
  • Angle of rotation can be reduced
  • High-quality workmanship with precision guide rails
  • Fittings: Stick (optionally with beeper)
00Drive-by-Wire System Paravan Space Drive Rotationsgriff

Space Drive Parabolic Steering

Comfortable input device with reduced angle of rotation for digital steering. Ideal for quadriplegics. High-quality precision guide rails for a safe feeling when operating the steering. Simple mechanical adjustment of the restoring force possible without changing the spring.

  • Independent return to the centre position for simplified straight-line driving
  • Digital steering with movements from the shoulder area
  • High-quality workmanship with precision guide rails
  • Fitting: Ball or tri-pin

Space Drive foot-operated steering

The modern alternative for people without arms. Space Drive II makes driving with your feet as safe as can be. The foot steering unit is installed next to the other pedals in the foot well.

  • Steering with your foot
  • Individual configuration
  • Various fittings available
  • Solution for Contergan patients
Paravan Drive-by-Wire System Space Drive Fußlenkung